Common Questions

  1. Silicone, in general, is not recyclable, which means it cannot be reused like TPE materials, avoiding potential secondary or tertiary pollution caused by TPE materials, thus completely avoiding the possibility of harm to the human body caused by TPE.
  2. We use medical-grade silicone to provide customers with the highest level of safety.
  3. TPE is more prone to aging and deformation than silicone.
  4. While TPE may be soft enough, the standard for making dolls is not absolute softness but rather balancing all aspects of doll-making requirements, of which softness is just one aspect.

Our standard for adding or choosing functions for our dolls has always been based on one criterion: whether the modifications would make the dolls less “beautiful.” Anything that would compromise the dolls’ aesthetic appeal would be excluded from the list of potential functions.

While it is true that we have the technical capability to add heating functions to our dolls, we have decided to approach this matter with caution due to several considerations:

  1. If we adopt a lower-powered and safer heating solution, the heating effect may not be very noticeable, and it may take several hours for the doll to reach a slightly warmer temperature in colder weather. We believe that such a design would have little practical value and would not justify the cost.
  2. If we choose a high-powered heating solution, it would significantly reduce the heating time but would also increase the risk factor. No electrical device is entirely safe, and even if the safety rate reaches 99.99%, we would not hesitate to abandon such a solution if there was a 0.01% chance of something going wrong. The safety of our customers is always our top priority.
  3. The internal heating wires and external plug of the doll could affect its appearance, which is also unacceptable to us. For these reasons, we have decided not to develop this feature until we can find a better solution.

The makeup of the dolls in the photos you see may vary, even if it’s the same character. This is because:

  1. We periodically make improvements or adjustments to the doll’s makeup, including but not limited to eye shadow, lip color, eyebrow shape, eyelash shape, and hair, which may result in slight differences compared to the photos.
  2. Each doll’s makeup is completely handmade, so it’s impossible to make them exactly the same.
  3. The lighting, technique, and angle of the photo shoot may cause visual errors.

The heads and bodies of EXDOLL dolls are not sold separately, unless you have already purchased the corresponding body and wish to buy an additional head.

The makeup of EXDOLL dolls is completed using a confidential special process and generally does not come off. You can think of it as a coating that may gradually become lighter and thinner with continuous friction and play.

  1. EXDOLL’s silicone dolls have more realistic body details and more perfect facial features compared to inflatable dolls.
  2. EXDOLL’s silicone dolls can pose in more positions, while inflatable dolls can only be fixed in one position.
  3. EXDOLL’s silicone dolls have a more human-like feel.

The doll heads can be interchangeable from an installation perspective, but due to the differences in body size and shape, there may be problems with compatibility in terms of size. Currently, the allocation is as follows:

  • The 145cm doll heads are exclusive and cannot be used on other doll models.
  • The heads of models other than 145cm are interchangeable.

The production date of EXDOLL dolls is defined by the completion time instead of the starting time. For example, if a doll is produced on November 11th and painted on November 12th, the production date will be November 11th, which means the whole body was completed on that day, and the painting was completed on November 12th.

We have denied this question more than once on different occasions. We are not creators and cannot create “humans”. We are only trying to make dolls closer to humans or, in other words, closer to the essence of “beauty” within our abilities. Whether they will “replace” humans or not has never been our consideration. We do not want to deceive customers into buying dolls through ambiguous descriptions, but hope that customers will make their own choices after careful consideration and weighing.

In principle, we would prefer to start this description with the word “cleaning”. You can’t wash a TV in a bathtub, but you can wipe it regularly with a cloth. Before cleaning the doll, it’s important to understand the structure of the doll so that you can decide which cleaning method is more appropriate. The doll’s structure from the inside out is a metal skeleton, sponge muscles, and silicone skin. Well, if you see metal, that means you have to be careful with the “water” – this is the enemy of the doll. We recommend using baby powder as the primary cleaning method, with frequency adjusted according to the weather and the doll’s oil secretion. Showers can be used as a supplement, but do not use hot water, and the standard for hot water is water that does not produce steam. The only place where the doll can enter water is the neck, and the only advantage is that it is safe as long as you protect it well. The disadvantage is that if water enters, it’s hard to get it out, and it can corrode the metal parts and produce odors over time. So remember to handle it carefully. Regarding bath products, as long as they are from legitimate manufacturers, there is no problem, but it is not recommended to use them frequently because they are still chemical products.

At present, physical dolls can be roughly divided into two filling methods: the first is filled with a sponge layer inside and covered with silicone skin outside, and the second is filled entirely with silicone. We adopted the first method, which is also the method chosen by most physical doll manufacturers.

Here are the advantages of the first method:

  1. It can greatly reduce the weight of the doll, which can be reduced by 40% compared to the second method, and the total weight can be controlled at around 25KG.
  2. It can enhance the feel and make the doll feel softer. No matter how soft the silicone is, as long as the thickness increases, the hardness will increase proportionally with the thickness.
  3. It can increase the tensile force of the silicone layer, making it less prone to damage.

Finally, to summarize, choosing a sponge layer will not save costs, but will greatly increase the probability of producing defective dolls. However, for the sake of the above three points, we believe that this is a reasonable choice based on rational judgment.

The options that can be freely combined include eye color, skin color, bone tightness, lower body hair, head, high and low configuration (i.e. the choice of whether the phalanges are available or not).

We currently do not support full customization for the following reasons:

  • Involving the issue of portrait rights.
  • The cost of individual production is too high for general buyers to bear.
  • Artistic creation may not necessarily fully conform to personal aesthetics, and the issue of ‘resemblance’ can easily lead to disputes.
  1. From planning to completion, dolls include the joint efforts of dozens of people, including plastic artists, engineers, makeup artists, assembly workers, mold workers, cleaning workers, etc. The production process of physical dolls is a labor-intensive and technology intensive industry, and 95% of the work in production needs to be completed manually, so the final price will be slightly expensive.
  2. EXDOLL’s dolls use medical grade silicone as the raw material, and the raw material cost is much higher than TPE and inflatable dolls.

We have denied this issue more than once in different occasions. We are not creators and cannot create ‘humans’. We are just trying to make dolls closer to humans, or rather closer to the essence of ‘beauty’, within our capabilities. ‘Substitution’ has never been a concern for us. We do not want to deceive customers into purchasing dolls through vague descriptions, but rather hope that customers carefully consider and weigh before making their own choices.

We do not recommend dolls standing for long periods of time. If necessary for filming, please ensure that the soles of your feet are completely on the ground and wear matching shoes. If there is indeed a need for long-term standing, please use a stand.

Terms and Instructions