E-commerce platform service agreement and transaction rules

General Rules

For the e-commerce platform “Exdollofficial” belonging to Ds Technologies Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the platform. Develop this service agreement and transaction rules during the business development process. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties on the Exdollofficial platform, regulate their behavior, maintain business market order, comply with and maintain national laws and regulations, this plan is formulated. All e-commerce activities on the Exdollofficial platform are subject to this plan. The e-commerce activities referred to in this plan refer to business activities that sell goods or provide services through information networks such as the Internet. If there are provisions in the Electronic Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China regarding the sale of goods or the provision of services, their provisions shall apply. Financial products and services that utilize information networks to provide news information, audio and video programs, publishing, and cultural products are not applicable to this plan in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Electronic Commerce Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Service Agreement

  1. The platform will adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, clarifying the rights and obligations of entering and exiting the platform, ensuring the quality of goods and services, protecting consumer rights and interests, and protecting personal information.
  2. The platform will record and save information on products, services, and transactions published on the platform, and ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the information. The storage time for product and service information and transaction information shall not be less than three years from the date of completion of the transaction; If there are other provisions in laws and administrative regulations, such provisions shall prevail.
  3. The platform will provide clear methods and procedures for user information inquiry, correction, deletion, and user logout, and shall not set unreasonable conditions for user information inquiry, correction, deletion, and user logout. If the platform receives an application for user information inquiry, correction, or deletion, it shall promptly provide the inquiry, correction, or deletion of user information after verifying its identity. If a user logs out, the platform should immediately delete the user’s information; If it is preserved in accordance with laws, administrative regulations, or agreements between both parties, its provisions shall prevail.
  4. The platform shall collect and use personal information of its users in accordance with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations on personal information protection.
  5. If the relevant regulatory authorities require the platform to provide relevant e-commerce data information in accordance with laws and administrative regulations, the platform will provide it in accordance with the law.
  6. The platform shall take necessary measures to protect the security of data information and strictly keep personal information, privacy, and trade secrets confidential, and shall not disclose, sell, or illegally provide them to others.
  7. The platform conducts verification and registration of products sold, establishes registration files, and regularly verifies and updates them.
  8. The platform will take technical and other necessary measures to ensure its network security and stable operation, prevent network illegal and criminal activities, effectively respond to network security incidents, and ensure the security of e-commerce transactions.

Trading Rules

  1. The trading behavior of Exdollofficial platform shall be governed by the provisions of laws such as the Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China and the Electronic Signature Law of the People’s Republic of China.
  2. The use of automated information systems by trading parties to enter into or perform contracts has legal effect on the parties using the system. It is presumed that the parties involved have corresponding civil capacity during the transaction process. However, unless there is evidence to the contrary that is sufficient to refute it.
  3. If the product information released by the platform meets the offer conditions, the user selects the product and submits the order successfully, and the contract is established. If the parties have otherwise agreed, their agreement shall prevail. Platform operators should clearly, comprehensively, and clearly inform users of the transaction steps, precautions, download methods, and other matters, and ensure that users can easily and completely read and download.
  4. If the subject matter of the order is the delivery of goods and is delivered through express logistics, the recipient’s signature time is the delivery time. The order subject is delivered through online transmission, and the delivery time when the order subject enters the specific system specified by the user and can be retrieved and recognized is the delivery time. If the parties to the order have other agreements on the delivery method and time, their agreements shall prevail.
  5. The parties to the transaction may choose to agree to use express delivery logistics to deliver the goods. Express logistics service providers providing express logistics services to platform operators and users shall comply with laws and administrative regulations, and shall comply with the promised service standards and time limits. The courier logistics service provider shall prompt the consignee to inspect the goods in person when delivering them; If entrusted to others for collection, the consent of the consignee shall be obtained. Express logistics service providers should use environmentally friendly packaging materials in accordance with regulations to achieve the reduction and reuse of packaging materials.
  6. The parties to the transaction may agree to use electronic payment methods to pay the price. Electronic payment service providers providing electronic payment services for transactions shall comply with national regulations, inform users of the functions, usage methods, precautions, related risks, and charging standards of electronic payment services, and shall not attach unreasonable transaction conditions. Electronic payment service providers should ensure the integrity, consistency, traceability, auditing, and tamper resistance of electronic payment instructions. Electronic payment service providers shall provide users with free reconciliation services and transaction records for the past three years.
  7. Users should properly keep transaction passwords, electronic signature data, and other security tools. If users discover that security tools are lost, stolen, or unauthorized for payment, they should promptly notify the Craftsman Premium platform and electronic payment service provider. The losses caused by unauthorized payments shall be borne by the electronic payment service provider; Electronic payment service providers are not responsible for proving that unauthorized payments were caused by the user’s fault. When an electronic payment service provider discovers that payment instructions are not authorized or receives notification from users that payment instructions are not authorized, they should immediately take measures to prevent losses from expanding. If the electronic payment service provider fails to take timely measures, resulting in increased losses, it shall be liable for the increased losses.

Ds Technologies Co., Ltd / September 19, 2022

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