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The very first start from RealClone Collection

Precisly captuered real human measurments, exquisite details are presented through the whole body.

Under let’s redefine industry sandards

Since the beginning of time, humans have had an inherent urge to capture their own likeness. This drive is often spurred by the fleeting nature of yourth, which compels individuals to immortalize their most precious moments. From painting and photography to scuplputre an computer techonolgy, people have developed different methods to fufill this desire. There is a constant search for a new and improved way to preseve the beauty.

Jie – Lifesize Sex Doll

By utilizing a new formula, EXDOLL has created a firm silicone material, which enhanced the delicate details of the product and prolong its storage life, making it a valuable addition to any sex doll collectors.

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Jie’s Body Data

Accurate cloning of the entire body, with an accuracy as high as 0.03mm.

Height 166cm Bust 82cm
Upper Body 54cm Waist 62cm
Lower Chest 69cm Upper Arm 22cm
Shoulder 37cm Palm Length 17cm
Arm Length 49cm Thigh 51cm
Wrist 14cm Calf 33cm
Thigh Length 40cm Hipline 94cm
Calf Length 40cm Foot 23cm
Ankle 22cm Weight 38kg

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these products, please note that individual variation may be present. We apologize in advance for any inconsistencies which may arise.

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RealClone - Jie

The silicone doll Jie, is the precise replica of a profession model Jie.

RealClone - Jie

All the photos on this page is credited to Yu Wang, an avant-grande human body art photographer.

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