2011-2012 The Debut

In 2011, EXDOLL made signifcant strides in product development with the successful creation of foam materials resulting in weight reduction. In the same year, the company launched Sakura, a lovely and irresistable girl.

Building on that success, in 2012, the company launched Chiyou, an istant internet sensation.

In March 2013, the first UT145 body type was launched, and officialy designated as a part of the Utopia Collection.

AV Actress Coming, First Taste Model Design.

2013-2014 A body unlike any other

In October 2013, the actress Yi Ye was commissioned and jointed the journey of designing Uk158 body type.

In February 2014, the company was thrilled to shar this succesfull attemp with the world.


The Breaking News

The news of a young man marrying a Exdollofficial DOLL in Beijing in July 2014 sent shockwaves through the public and brought the concept of dolls into the mainstream. This event helped the company to establised a strong presence in the Chinese market, with a reach of over 200 million people. This popularity is reflected in the industry-leading sales of the produts.

Beijing Youth and Doll Marriage
2015 Formally renamed EXDOLL


Formally renamed EXDOLL

The brand has officially changed its name from DSDOLL to EXDOLL, aiming for excellence.

2016 Launched Sut-Makeup

In late 2016, EXDOLL launched the first the product that incooprated Sut-makeup design, Jia-xin. This design featured a exceptional process that resulted in exquisitly delicate and textured makeup.

2016 Launch Sut-Makeup
2017 Login to the New Third Board Market

2017 The Expansion

Became the first listed company

In that same year, EVO body type was launched, and purchased a complete set of indurstrial-grade 3D equipment. These assisted EXDOLL to be one step closer to designing a life-like, realistic doll.


Ziqian has arrived

The very first doll with seamless neck design.

The summit series (now known as CyberFusion) has entered everyone’s view for the first time

2019 Ziqian is cooming
2020 Clonesome – Jie be published

2020 EXDOLL presented you Jie, from RealClone

The RealClone collection has been officially launched. setting a new industry standard, once again.


CyberFusion Collection

In a groundbreaking move, RealClone techonlogy has been incorporated into other body types, with the intergration of the real human measurment leading to even more impressive result. During the same year, Summit offiicialy merged into CyberFusion Collection.

2022 CyberFusion series
2022 CyberFusion series







2023 present

EXDOLL has launched sveral new products in RealClone collection. With each succesful launch and debut, EXDOLL is forging ahead towards a brighter future.