General Sales Rules and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1. The sale of “Exdollofficial” brand products through the website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) is subject to the following general sales rules and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “rules and conditions”), which may be amended from time to time. The products provided on this website are directly sold by Ds Technologies Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Exdollofficial”). Exdollofficial is officially a company established under the laws of the People’s Republic of China, with its registered office located in Liutun, Miaoshang Village, Jinshatan Street, Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone.

1.2. The sale of goods through this website is limited to customers (hereinafter referred to as “customers”), namely natural persons whose behavioral purposes are not related to commercial or corporate activities, and should be at least 18 years old (if they do not reach this age, authorization from their legal representative should be obtained). For any corporate or commercial purpose, the resale or transfer of goods purchased on this website is expressly prohibited by these rules and conditions.

1.3. The products for sale on this website are available globally.

1.4. The language used to execute sales contracts through this website is: Chinese or English. The Chinese and English versions of the sales contract have equal validity, but in case of any conflict, the Chinese version shall prevail.

1.5. These rules and conditions are published on this website for customers to understand, store, and reproduce information, and comply with current applicable laws.

1.6. The purchase of goods is only subject to the sales rules and terms published on this website that are in effect at the time of the order. Exdollofficial reserves the right to revise and/or replace the rules and conditions at any time. After the general sales rules and conditions are revised or a new version is released and takes effect, any revisions and/or replacements are only valid for orders made after the date of release and take effect. After the previous version of the rules and conditions is removed from this website or the new version takes effect, the revision or replacement of the new version will make the old version unsuitable for subsequent orders, and will be invalid and unenforceable.

2. Goods in stock

2.1. The customer acknowledges that the quantity of products (hereinafter referred to as “products”) provided by the Exdollofficial on this website is limited, so he/she understands that the Exdollofficial needs to check if the products are in stock when placing an order.

2.2. Some products may occasionally be out of stock. In this case, the Exdollofficial will notify the customer in a timely manner (in no case exceeding the period specified in Article 6.5) by text message or phone notification, informing them that their order has been cancelled, or informing them of the possibility of delayed shipment of the goods.

2.3. Exdollofficial reserves the right to make changes to the products sold on this website at any time without any notice.

3. Purchase process

3.1. Each product sold on this website can be viewed through a dedicated link that displays product photos, unit prices, colors, and sizes (if applicable). Non stock products can also be viewed through this link, and the estimated delivery time of products clearly marked as “pre-sale”, “pre-sale products”, or “personalized customization” on the website (subject to Section 6.5).

3.2. Customers can purchase one or more products, with a maximum of 4 items per product, unless otherwise specified for specific types of products. Exdollofficial reserves the right to change the quantity limit of products that can be purchased through this website at any time.

3.3. The products that customers choose to purchase should be placed in a special section (hereinafter referred to as the “shopping cart”). The items in the shopping bag will not be retained and can be purchased by other customers. The customer’s shopping bag should include a product description, including size or size (if applicable), as well as one or more electronic photos of the displayed product.

3.4. Although Exdollofficial have taken reasonable measures to ensure that the photos displayed on this website accurately reflect the real products, the technical characteristics and color resolution of the equipment used by customers may still cause differences between the photos and the actual products. Therefore, the images may not be sufficient to reflect the products displayed on this website, and Exdollofficial are not responsible for this. The dimensions of the products provided are approximate, and the colors, fabrics, and designs of the displayed products may differ in detail from the products delivered to customers.

3.5. If customers need to view the selected products and total prices in any order, they can view the shopping bag page. Before determining the relevant order (hereinafter referred to as the “order”), customers need to check the accuracy of the content in the shopping bag and fill out the order form according to the instructions provided on this website.

3.6. After the customer completes the payment, the ordering process is completed, and the order will be directly submitted to the Exdollofficial. After the payment is completed, the customer cannot make any further changes to the content of the order.

3.7. Before confirming the order, the customer needs to confirm that they have read and accepted these rules and conditions. After the procurement process is completed, customers should save or print this detailed rules and conditions.

3.8. Orders can only be submitted to the official Exdollofficial after the ordering process is fully completed.

3.9. The customer agrees and understands that the Exdollofficial may collect, use, store, and process the customer’s personal data in accordance with the Exdollofficial privacy policy published on this website. For detailed information on the official use of cookies by Exdollofficial, the types of information collected by Exdollofficial, the methods and purposes of using customer information by Exdollofficial, and the circumstances under which Exdollofficial will disclose information, please refer to the Exdollofficial Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy published on this website.

3.10. Customers can check their order status by going to the “Order Query” page on this website.

3.11. Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of any information entered on this website or otherwise used during ordering.

3.12. Customers can book some products on the website that have not yet been commercially released, distributed, and launched in the market. These products are clearly defined and labeled as “pre-sale” or “pre-sale products” on the website. The customer acknowledges that these products were not delivered at the time of placing their order. Customers can also order a series of products on the website, which can be personalized and customized by customers in the way described on the website. These products are clearly defined and labeled as “personalized customization” on the website. The customer agrees that such personalized customized products may not be delivered immediately upon placing the order.

3.13. The customer acknowledges and agrees that if he/she places an order for a pre-sale or personalized customized product, the customer will be charged in advance the price displayed on the website and listed on the shopping bag page, even if the pre-sale or personalized customized product has not been delivered at the time. Subject to Section 6.5, pre-sale or personalized customized products will be delivered to customers approximately at the estimated delivery time indicated on the product description page or shopping bag page. If a customer places an order for one or more pre-sale or personalized customized products in addition to those in stock, all products will be shipped together with the estimated delivery time indicated on the product description page and/or shopping bag page of the pre-sale and/or personalized customized products (subject to Section 6.5).

3.14. Unless otherwise specified in the rules and conditions, all rules and conditions will apply to the sale of pre-sale products and personalized customized products on the website.

4. Execution of the contract

4.1. The information on this website should be considered as an invitation to offer, not an offer or a unilateral contract. The customer agrees that the customer’s order is an offer to purchase the goods listed in the order in accordance with these rules and conditions. All orders submitted are subject to official acceptance by Exdollofficial. After the customer confirms the order, it is submitted to the Exdollofficial for processing and cannot be modified or cancelled by the customer. Only when the entire ordering process is officially completed and no errors are reported on this website will the customer’s order be processed by the official Exdollofficial. After the customer successfully submits the order, the Exdollofficial will send a text message to the customer to confirm that the Exdollofficial has received the order. But this does not mean that Exdollofficial has officially accepted the order.

4.2. After the official Exdollofficial sends a confirmation message (hereinafter referred to as the “confirmation message”) to the customer, confirms the official acceptance of the order and declares the order number, the contract between the official Exdollofficial and the customer is deemed to be established. The confirmation message will be sent to the customer’s designated phone number in the order form.

4.3. Exdollofficial are free to decide not to accept customers’ orders (including partial orders) for any reason, without any responsibility to customers. Examples of situations where Exdollofficial may not accept customer orders are as follows:

a) The goods in the order are out of stock or temporarily out of stock (except for pre-sale goods);

b) There is a dispute between the Exdollofficial and the customer regarding the previous order, and the responsibility lies with the customer;

c) The customer has previously violated these rules and conditions, or failed to fulfill their obligations under these rules and conditions;

d) Exdollofficial have reason to suspect that customers purchase goods for resale, or for corporate or commercial purposes;

e) Customer involvement or suspected involvement in illegal or fraudulent activities;

f) Exdollofficial have reason to suspect that any information entered by customers (or related to customers) on this website is inaccurate, untrue, or there may be such a possibility;

g) Customers place a large order for a certain type of product, and all such products are shipped to the same customer or delivery address;

h) Exdollofficial cannot obtain customer payment authorization; or i) The goods are subject to transportation restrictions. Exdollofficial’s official decision not to accept or cancel any orders is binding on customers. In the event that the Exdollofficial does not accept an order, the Exdollofficial will inform the customer within 30 days of receiving the order by text message that the order is not accepted. In this case, the order will be considered as not accepted by the Exdollofficial, and no contract has been signed between the Exdollofficial and the customer. In the event that the order is not accepted, the customer will receive a timely refund of the payment made for the order. If some of the ordered goods are out of stock and cannot be accepted, customers only need to pay the actual price of the purchased goods.

4.4. If some information on this website can be considered as an offer, the contract will be established after the customer submits the order to the official Exdollofficial. Although the contract has been established, if the situations listed in items b) to i) in Article

4.3 occur, the customer agrees that Exdollofficial can send a termination message to notify the customer to terminate the contract (hereinafter referred to as “termination message”). In the case of item a) of Article

4.3, where the goods in the order are out of stock or temporarily out of stock, the customer agrees that the delivery time shall be delayed. The specific delivery time shall be notified by the Exdollofficial separately, or the two parties shall negotiate and confirm to replace the goods in the order with other goods, or the customer shall receive a refund from the Exdollofficial. After the contract is terminated, if the customer has already paid but the purchased goods have not been shipped, the customer will receive a refund of the payment made for the relevant order in a timely manner. If Exdollofficial has officially shipped the goods, the customer needs to return the goods and ensure their integrity. The customer will also receive a timely refund of the payment for the relevant order. If the situation described in 4.3 (b) – i) occurs and causes losses to the Exdollofficial, the Exdollofficial may demand corresponding compensation from the customer.

5. Price and payment method

5.1. The prices of products sold on this website include value-added tax.

5.2. The relevant prices are displayed in US dollars ($).

5.3. The total price displayed in the shopping bag includes shipping costs. In any case, Exdollofficial should obtain explicit consent from customers when charging additional fees.

5.4. After the customer presses the final order confirmation button (purchase button) to confirm, the customer will be charged the price displayed on this website and in the shopping cart. Exdollofficial reserves the right to change the prices of products sold on this website at any time without notice.

5.5. Exdollofficial officially accepts Visa, Master, Paypal, UnionPay credit card/debit card, Alipay, WeChat payment and other payment methods explicitly indicated on this website.

5.6. If using a credit/debit card for payment, the customer confirms and guarantees that he/she is the owner of the credit/debit card or is authorized to use it by the card owner, and all information entered at the time of purchase should be accurate, including but not limited to: credit/debit card number, expiration date, security code (if applicable). Exdollofficial is not responsible for verifying customer ownership or authorization to use credit/debit cards, nor is it responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information entered during the purchase. The customer promises that they are well aware of the risks of online payment. To prevent losses, customers should properly keep their account information, bank account information, and any electronic payment account information. Customers should safely log out of the login status after using this website. If a customer discovers that someone else has used or stolen his/her account information, bank or other electronic payment account information through fraudulent means, he/she should immediately and effectively notify the Exdollofficial; Customers can also contact the customer service department to suspend or stop their services. Customers will only be charged if: (i) credit card/debit card information is verified, and (ii) payment authorization is received from the company or bank issuing the customer’s credit/debit card

5.7. If payment is made using methods other than credit/debit cards, the customer should confirm and guarantee that he/she is the owner of the account used for ordering, or obtain authorization from the account owner to use it. Exdollofficial is not responsible for verifying customer ownership or authorization to use such accounts.

5.8. All credit/debit card holders and payment account owners are required to undergo verification checks and obtain authorization from the bank card issuer or payment service provider. If the issuer of a customer’s bank card or payment service refuses payment authorization, the Exdollofficial will not be able to accept the customer’s order. In this case, the Exdollofficial will not be responsible for any delayed or non delivery behavior, nor will it be obligated to inform the customer of the reason for the refusal.

5.9. If the customer’s bank card issuer, bank, or payment service provider charges any form of fees to the customer due to the Exdollofficial processing of customer credit/debit card payments or other payment methods based on the customer’s order, the Exdollofficial shall not be responsible for this.

5.10. If the customer’s credit/debit card or payment method is not denominated in the currency of the customer’s order as shown on this website, the final price may be charged in the currency of the customer’s bank card or account. The final price is calculated and collected by the customer’s bank card issuer, bank, or payment service provider. Therefore, if the customer’s bank card issuer or payment service provider charges any fees to the customer or incurs any liability due to the customer’s use of currencies other than those shown on this website, the Exdollofficial shall not be responsible for this.

5.11. The purchased goods will only be shipped after the customer has officially paid the payable amount. If the customer is unable to pay the corresponding amount for any reason, the sales process will automatically terminate and the sales will be cancelled.

5.12. Exdollofficial will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all pricing information on this website. But occasional errors can still lead to incorrect product pricing. If the correct price of the product is lower than the price stated on this website, the Exdollofficial may charge the customer a lower amount and deliver the product to the customer, or may cancel the customer’s order. If the correct price of the product is higher than the price stated on this website, the Exdollofficial may contact the customer at their discretion to inquire if they are willing to purchase at the correct price, or cancel the order and notify the customer. Exdollofficial have no obligation to provide products at inaccurate prices.

6. Delivery of goods

6.1. The product will be delivered to the address specified by the customer in the order. When delivering the goods, they need to be signed for by the customer or a third party designated by the customer in the order, but Exdollofficial are not responsible for verifying the identity of the recipient. The signing time for system or document records is the delivery time. If the official courier designated by Exdollofficial is unable to deliver the goods to the address specified by the customer in the order within five days of the first attempt to deliver, Exdollofficial can cancel the order and notify the customer. In this case, Exdollofficial will refund the purchase price of the product to the customer.

6.2. Exdollofficial will not process orders with an address of a certain postal mailbox, nor will they accept orders from customers suspected by Exdollofficial to be non natural persons.

6.3. The purchase and delivery addresses for products sold on this website are limited to the aforementioned regions (Section 1.3). According to the above content, any order that requires the delivery of goods outside the region will be automatically rejected during the order processing process.

6.4. If the delivery address provided on the customer’s order is incorrect or incomplete, the Exdollofficial shall not be responsible for any delay or non delivery of the goods.

6.5. According to current applicable laws, the official delivery time for Exdollofficial to purchase goods is within 30 (thirty) days from the date of contract execution. For orders related to pre-sale or personalized customized goods or orders including pre-sale and/or personalized customized goods, the approximate delivery time for purchasing goods is the estimated delivery time displayed on the pre-sale and/or personalized customized product description page or shopping bag page, unless, In any case, there may be a force majeure event or unforeseeable situation.

6.6. Exdollofficial do not assume any responsibility for any losses caused to you or third parties due to reasonable or unavoidable delivery delays. In this case, the Exdollofficial will notify you as soon as possible of any foreseeable delays. In the event that the Exdollofficial fails to deliver the ordered goods within the aforementioned deadline, customers may request that the Exdollofficial deliver the goods within an appropriate extended period in accordance with current applicable laws. In any case, if the ordered goods are not delivered within the specified extended period, Exdollofficial and customers have the right to immediately terminate the contract. For any undelivered orders, customers only have the right to cancel the relevant orders and can fully refund the payment made for the relevant orders.

6.7. According to whether the product is in stock, Exdollofficial can ship one order separately. In this case, Exdollofficial will notify customers via SMS.

6.8. When the purchased product has been shipped, customers will receive a text message at the phone number provided in the order. The SMS will include a transportation tracking code. The official customer service department of Exdollofficial can provide the necessary services for any potential issues related to delivery. Customers can send an email to [email protected] Or call the official customer service department of Exdollofficial at 0411-8817-8179.

6.9. In addition to delivering by courier, customers can also request to directly pick up Exdollofficial’s official designated products at the store, which can be selected on this website at the time of purchase. After notifying the customer via SMS that the product can be picked up, if he/she fails to pick it up within 7 (seven) days, the sale may be cancelled by the Exdollofficial. In this case, the customer will receive a cancellation notice and all paid amounts will be refunded to the customer.

6.10. From the time of delivery of the goods in accordance with Article 6.1, the customer shall bear the risk of loss or damage to the goods. On the other hand, if the goods are damaged or lost before delivery in accordance with Article 6.1, Exdollofficial will officially refund all amounts paid by the customer.

7. Conformity of product

7.1. At the time of delivery, the customer needs to inspect the delivered goods to confirm that they comply with the ordered goods and show no manufacturing defects or non conformity.

7.2. If the ordered goods have manufacturing defects, the customer can request to repair or replace the goods within two years from the date of delivery of the goods (determined by Exdollofficial), except for perfume, beach clothes, underwear and personalized customized goods.

7.3. If it is necessary to notify the existence of product defects and request any of the remedial measures shown above, customers can contact Exdollofficial in accordance with the methods described in Section 12 below.

8. Returns and Refunds – Revocation

8.1. Except for personalized customized products that are listed as non refundable or exchangeable, customers have the right to cancel the contract within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery of all or any of the purchased products to the customer’s address. For batch orders, the relevant period should start from the date of delivery of the last item.

8.2. If the customer needs to exercise the revocation right, they should follow the instructions and procedures outlined in the return guidelines attached to the product.

8.3. If the customer follows the procedures specified in the preceding paragraph, the official courier designated by Exdollofficial will receive and return the package containing the goods without any charge to the customer. On the other hand, if the customer fails to comply with the above procedures, the customer shall pay the return fee and be responsible for the loss, theft, damage, or delayed delivery of the goods.

8.4. In any case, the customer shall be responsible for returning the goods for which they exercise the relevant revocation rights within 7 (seven) days from the date of notifying Exdollofficial of the official exercise of revocation rights, without undue delay.

8.5. The product must be returned in the same state as it was delivered before and packaged in its original packaging. Therefore, customers must ensure the integrity of the product, that is, the product must have never been used, be free from any form of wear or damage, and be returned with all labels, signs, and anti-counterfeiting labels, which should be correctly attached in their original position and in the same style as the received product, along with the original value-added tax invoice. Exdollofficial will officially inspect the status of each returned product and the substantial integrity of the product. The labeling, signage, and anti-counterfeiting labels of goods are necessary requirements for exercising the right of revocation. If the product shows signs of damage, deterioration, or contamination, or if its status shows that the customer did not verify the product’s nature and characteristics as necessary measures, but used the product for other purposes, Exdollofficial reserves the right to refuse to return such product. In the event of a rejection of a return, Exdollofficial will send a specific notice to the customer, and the amount paid by the customer will not be refunded. At the same time, Exdollofficial reserves the right to claim compensation for any damage caused to the customer.

8.6. Unless otherwise specified in the following terms, the Exdollofficial shall refund any amount paid for the returned goods within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the customer’s exercise of the revocation right, without undue delay. In any case, Exdollofficial reserves the right to a refund upon receiving the returned product and completing verification. The aforementioned refund will be refunded to the card or account used by the customer using the same payment method as the customer made the purchase, unless explicitly agreed with the customer, and no fees will be incurred for the refund. Exdollofficial will confirm the refund to customers through SMS.

8.7. In the event that a customer chooses a standard delivery method that is not provided by the Exdollofficial, the official Exdollofficial is not obligated to refund the delivery fee. 8.8 The product returns mentioned in this section are limited to products purchased through this website.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1. Except for intentional misconduct or gross negligence, Exdollofficial shall not be liable in any way for any losses, goodwill or reputation losses caused by customers purchasing the products provided on this website or other behaviors related to this website.

9.2. Subject to Sections 6.6 and 9.1, except as specifically provided by law, the full liability of the Exdollofficial under these Rules and Conditions, whether caused by contract, tort (including negligence) or other reasons, shall not exceed 100% of the price of the relevant goods ordered by the customer from the Exdollofficial under any circumstances.

9.3. In the event of any event beyond the reasonable control of Exdollofficial, Exdollofficial shall not be liable for any delay or failure to fulfill the obligations stipulated in these rules and provisions.

10. Authenticity of goods and intellectual property rights

10.1. Exdollofficial officially guarantees the authenticity of all products sold on this website.

10.2. The “EXDOLL” trademark, all graphic and non graphic markings, as well as all other trademarks, instructions, images, and logos appearing on the “Exdollofficial” product, related accessories, and/or packaging, whether registered or not, are the exclusive property of the Exdollofficial. It is strictly prohibited to copy, modify, tamper with, or use all or part of such trademarks, instructions, images, and logos, regardless of the reason or support provided.

10.3. All content provided on this website (including but not limited to logos, text, data organization, images, icons, images, photos, audio editing, sound, music, software, and any combination thereof, hereinafter referred to as “Content”) is owned or authorized by Exdollofficial (or Ds Technologies Co., Ltd), and is protected by applicable copyright laws and treaties worldwide. We reserve all relevant rights.

10.4. Subject to these rules and conditions, Exdollofficial grants customers a revocable, non-exclusive, and restricted license to access and use this website in their personal capacity, but does not include the following rights:

(a) to use this website in any way that may harm Exdollofficial’s official reputation;

(b) Use this website for any commercial or business purposes. This website is only for personal use by customers;

(c) Using software robots, web spiders, web crawlers, or similar data collection and extraction tools, or any behavior that may cause unreasonable burden or load on Exdollofficial’s official infrastructure.

10.5. For any reason and/or for any violation of this clause, the Exdollofficial may terminate the limited license described in this section at any time, without affecting any other remedies that the Exdollofficial may require customers to provide under applicable law.

10.6. Exdollofficial will make every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all information posted on its website. However, Exdollofficial does not guarantee the accuracy and/or accuracy of the content or other information on this website. Exdollofficial does not guarantee that the functionality of the webpage or content is error free, nor does it guarantee that the webpage, content, and the server providing the webpage and content are free from viruses, malicious code, or other potentially harmful components, nor does it guarantee that the webpage will not be attacked by hackers. Exdollofficial recommends that all internet users ensure the installation of the latest version of virus detection software.

11. Dispute

11.1. These Rules and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

11.2. Unless otherwise provided by law, in the event of disputes arising from the interpretation and/or application of these rules and provisions, the competent court of Exdollofficial’s official office, namely the People’s Court of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

11.3. These rules and provisions are divisible. If any provision is deemed invalid or unenforceable, it shall be deemed deleted and shall not affect the enforceability of other provisions.

11.4. The customer orders and transaction data related to the products recorded on this website shall be deemed complete and accurate.

12. Service

12.1 When you register as a user of the Exdollofficial platform and receive services from the Exdollofficial platform, you should provide the Exdollofficial with a true and effective contact information (including your email address, contact phone number, contact address, etc.). If there is a change in contact information, you are obligated to update the relevant information in a timely manner and maintain a contactable status. The account generated by you when registering as a user on the Exdollofficial platform to log in and receive internal messages and system messages on the Exdollofficial platform is also used as your valid contact information. Exdollofficial will send various notices to one or more of your above contact information, and the content of such notices may have significant beneficial or adverse effects on your rights and obligations. Please be sure to pay attention in a timely manner.

12.2 Exdollofficial sends you notifications through the above contact information, including written notifications sent electronically, including but not limited to announcements on the Exdollofficial platform, mobile text messages sent to the contact phone number you provide, emails sent to the email address you provide, system messages sent to your account, and internal message information. Once successfully sent, it is deemed delivered; A written notice sent on a paper carrier shall be deemed delivered on the fifth natural day after being mailed to the contact address provided.

12.3 For any disputes arising on the official Exdollofficial platform, you agree that judicial authorities (including but not limited to the People’s Court) may serve legal documents (including but not limited to litigation documents) to you through modern communication methods such as SMS, email, or mail. The phone number, email address, and other contact information you have specified for receiving legal documents are the phone number and email contact information you provided when registering and updating on the Exdollofficial platform. Sending a legal document to the above contact information by the judicial authority is considered delivery. The mailing address you specified is your legal contact address or the valid contact address you provided. You agree that the judicial authorities may use one or more of the above delivery methods to deliver legal documents to you. The judicial authorities may use multiple methods to deliver legal documents to you, and the delivery time shall be based on the earliest of the above delivery methods.

13. Contract Details

If customers need to make complaints, obtain additional information or assistance related to this website or the purchasing process, and in any case, request information related to these general sales rules and conditions, and/or explain them, they can send an email to the following address: [email protected] , or contact Ds Technologies Co., Ltd (Exdollofficial’s official e-commerce customer service department).

Last updated in March 2023

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