Sex DollL Tutorial

Sex Doll is made of simulated human silicone. Due to the inherent characteristics of silicone products, excessive activity or excessive movement angle can cause silicone rupture. Users are advised to handle it carefully during use.

The following are the physical activity restrictions for our silicone doll product:

  1. The head of the doll is connected to the body using a metal connector, which can be freely rotated left and right. But the neck is fixed by a metal skeleton, and the movement of lowering the head and raising the head back and forth should not exceed 45 degrees. The movement of swinging the head left and right should not exceed 45 degrees left and right.
  2. The upper limbs of the doll can be raised to the chest, approximately 60 degrees forward. It can be slightly bent 5-10 degrees to the back. The upper limbs can be raised horizontally on both sides to level with the chest, approximately 60 degrees from both sides. When retracting the upper arm inward (chest hugging motion), it should not exceed the chest, approximately 15 degrees inward. Although our dolls can perform a larger range of movements, the above angles are the official recommended activity limits, and exceeding these angles may cause damage and tearing of silicone under the armpits.
  3. The doll’s forearm can rotate 90 degrees in one direction, and we have limited the bones. The doll’s forearm cannot rotate and bend in any other direction (limited to standard bones). The wrist part of the doll is bent up and down, with a rotation angle of 45 degrees each. The forearm can rotate at a 60 degree limit.
  4. The doll’s waist can be bent horizontally in the left and right directions, with an angle limit of 30 degrees. The bending angle in the front and back directions (bending and chest lifting movements) is limited to 40 degrees. When rotating the body in the left and right directions (twisting the waist), the angle is limited to 40 degrees. When the waist is bent and rotated simultaneously, the angles in all directions are superimposed, limiting the reduction in half. Example: Bend to the left while twisting, limiting the angle to a maximum of 20 degrees in each direction.
  5. The thighs of the DS doll can be separated up to 130 degrees, and a single leg split can lift the leg up to 100 degrees. Please refer to our doll explanation video for details. But we do not recommend separating the thighs of the doll too much, as this action can cause a great tensile force on the silicone gel of the doll, which is prone to damage. Our recommended safe leg opening angle is: the maximum separation of the thighs from both sides should not exceed 50 degrees. Do not exceed 15 degrees from the vertical line of the body towards the inside. Lift one leg up to a maximum of 100 degrees. Bend back no more than 15 degrees from the vertical line of the body.
  6. The maximum backward bending of the calf is 120 degrees, and the recommended angle is 100 degrees. The lower leg has mechanical limitations that prevent it from bending forward. (Standard Bone Version) The ankle can rotate up and down at a total angle of 45 degrees. There is also a mechanical mechanism limit that cannot rotate excessively.
SEX DOLL tutorial

Video Explanation

Head installation and wig wearing

Eye adjustment instructions

Description of the movable parts of the doll

Flexibility test

Private Parts Installation Instructions

Cleaning instructions

SEX DOLL tutorial
Storage Environment

The EXDOLL doll’s simulated skin uses imported high molecular weight silicone as the raw material, which is non-toxic and odorless. The hardness of silicone is Shore 0 degrees, the tensile rate is 450%, and the tear resistance is 1.7Mpa. Silicone products may experience oil leakage on the surface after being stored for a long time. This is due to the presence of silicone oil in the silicone formula, which is a normal phenomenon. Please gently wipe with a towel. Moreover, when the doll is used and placed, dust and stains will adhere to its surface. In order to maintain the good performance of the silicone skin and the cleanliness of the silicone surface, please maintain it every once in a while. The maintenance interval varies depending on the usage and storage environment, and it is generally recommended to do so once a month. First, gently wipe the surface of the doll with a sponge or towel dipped in warm water. If there is dirt on the silicone surface, please wipe it multiple times with soapy water and do not apply it forcefully. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents, including strong acid and alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants, and detergents, when wiping the surface of silicone. You can use materials such as soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, shower gel, or mild detergent to clean. After the surface dries, apply prickly heat powder or talcum powder to the doll. When applying powder, wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust.

Joint maintenance

If the doll’s joints remain bent for a long time, wrinkles may appear on the surface, which is caused by improper placement and prolonged stress on the surface. For example, if you sit on a chair for a long time, the doll’s abdomen may have horizontal lines pressed out. Maintaining an abnormal state for a long time can greatly increase the risk of sponge layer fracture. Please restore the doll to its original position after use or shooting, reducing the stress on each joint.

Painting maintenance

The makeup applied to dolls at the factory, using silicone paint, generally does not peel off and only gradually fades. But please do not use force to wipe, especially the makeup on the doll’s face and the eyebrows and eyelashes. Please pay attention to the wiping force when using and cleaning, as excessive force can cause hair to fall off and fade. Once the color fades, it is difficult to repair. Dolls can use ordinary cosmetics for makeup, such as lipstick, powder blusher, etc. But please do not use too viscous ointment to paint the face, which may cause difficulty in cleaning. When removing makeup, do not apply it forcefully. You can use soapy water or makeup remover to gently wipe.