Maintenance Payment Shipping Return Connection

Shipping cost and time

The sex doll you purchased belongs to a customized product and will be produced and shipped according to your options after placing an order. Generally, the production time for UKIYO-E is 15 to 20 business days, the production time for CyberFusion series is 17 to 25 business days, and the production time for RealClone is 24 to 30 business days.

Shipping disclaimer

In the long-term transportation, it is inevitable that uncontrollable circumstances will cause the transportation to be unable to be delivered in time. Severe weather conditions, catastrophic events, and the impact of the current new coronavirus may cause unexpected delays in packages. hope that you can understand the helplessness caused by these uncontrollable factors. We will also get in touch with you at any time and let us know the details. Condition. Some careers may not communicate with you on the phone, and will directly deliver to your door or in your mailbox. If the delivery is not signed, it may be placed at the local post office, and you need to call to confirm or go directly to collect it. All services and advice will hope that you can get a pleasant customer experience and product experience. Hope to get your support.

(We don’t ship to Islamic countries, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Libya, Kosovo, Iraq etc.)


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