Silicone Surface Maintenance

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Maintenance instructions for silicone skin care of dolls:

EXDOLL dolls may experience slight oil leakage on the surface after being left for a long time, which is the case with silicone properties. Please gently wipe with a towel. Moreover, when the doll is used and placed, dust and stains will adhere to its surface. In order to maintain the good performance of the silicone skin and the cleanliness of the silicone surface, please maintain it every once in a while. The maintenance interval varies depending on the usage and storage environment, and it is generally recommended to do so once a month.

Maintenance Method:

First, use a sponge or towel dipped in warm water to gently wipe the surface of the doll. If there is dirt on the silicone surface, please use shower gel to repeatedly wipe, and do not use excessive force during this period. After the surface of the doll has completely dried, apply a layer of baby powder to the doll.

Maintain Doll Makeup:

The coating of the doll at the factory uses EXDOLL’s original coating secret formula, which is extremely difficult to peel off, but do not wipe it with force. Makeup may gradually fade over time, and we offer a free makeup repair service within a year.

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