Return Policy

Maintenance Payment Shipping Return Connection

The payment you make belongs to the category of deposit, which means that each order is a customized order and most of it is not substitutable. Therefore, we need to make the following agreement with you:

  • After you make the payment and confirm all the details, you are not allowed to modify any attribute options during the production process.
  • We do not accept any behavior of destroying orders for any reason during the order making process.
  • During the delivery process, you need to carefully check the appearance of the doll for any damage during transportation. If there is any damage, please contact us in a timely manner and negotiate a solution. If there is no objection after receiving the goods, we assume that the goods you received are in good condition and do not accept any refund or return requests based on damage during transportation.
  • The validity period for your objection is 24 hours after the goods are signed for, and the signing time is based on the receiving time shown on the waybill.
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