Height 4’11″/150cm Waist 1’10″/57cm
Upper Body 1’8″/53cm Upper Arm 8″/20cm
Under Bust 1’10″/57cm Hand Length 6″/14cm
Shoulder 1’/31cm Thigh 1’6″/45.5cm
Arm Length 1’5″/43cm Calf 1’/29cm
Wrist  4″/11cm Hip 2’8″/82.5cm
Thigh Length 1’2″/37cm Foot 8″/21cm
Calf Length 1’3″/38.5cm Weight 52lb/23.5kg
Ankle 8″/19.5cm Vagina Depth 6″/14cm
Bust 2’4″/71.5cm Anal Depth 2.5″/6cm
  • Crystalline Eyes
  • Seamless Neck
  • Integrated Real Body Data
  • Realistic Body Coating
  • Articulated Finger Digits
  • Customizable Vaginal and Anal Depth

Production takes about 17 to 25 business days. If there are customization, the time will vary.

EXDOLL exemplifies excellence in the field of life-like silionce sex doll creation. Our commitment to innovation and dedication make us a leader in this industry. Every step of production is designed with care, from concept to delivery, offering to-notch service for every client. EXDOLL sets the standard for superior creations, making us the best choice for any custom silicone sex dolls you nee made.

Why Choose EXDOLL?

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