The Utopia series is one of the earliest series to be launched by EXDOLL, and it is also a series that EXDOLL has opened up domestic and international markets and established its reputation. Chiyou among them is more pure and flexible, as if the girl image just came out of the cartoon quickly captured a group of anime lovers, and became the white moonlight in the hearts of most fans.

She accompanied us from the beginning of love to mutual affection, from the teaching building to the office building, from the beginning of vitality to the journey of a thousand sails, and returned as a teenager. She accompanied us through moments of joy, uncertainty, and loneliness. People are nostalgic animals, which is why we always say that clothes are not as good as new people.

Rather than witnessing Chiyou’s growth, we should say that she is everyone’s witness. She watched as we gradually matured, transitioning from being talkative and playful to becoming increasingly stable, from expressing our love in words to learning to slowly keep our emotions in our hearts. She is our emotional sustenance, a memory, and even more, a youth.

After ten years, when we look back at Chiyou, it seems like nothing has changed, but everything has changed. What has changed is not her, but our mood when we look at the world. We know that the girl we have been guarding should be growing up.


At the end of 2022, Chiyou Growth Edition made a stunning debut.

You guard Chiyou’s youth, and Chiyou witnesses your growth.

There is a faint shadow of Chiyou between the eyebrows and eyes, the eyes are still so clear, but there is a hint of girlish charm more than Chiyou. In this bustling world, constantly bidding farewell and meeting, and then silently growing up. Having shed our ignorance and innocence, we have grown even more beautiful than we expected.

We have included the growth version of Chiyou in the CyberFusion series. Because compared to Utopia, we have adopted the highly acclaimed new soft silicone material after the EXDOLL upgrade in terms of materials. The overall soft material is extra soft, with some parts being extra soft, standing without nails, and we are more focused on depicting details. We have delivered a super high score in terms of experience.

Who doesn’t have a gentle and lovely girl in their heart. Who hasn’t fantasized about getting the cute little lolly they really want when they grow up. The white moonlight cinnabar mole always exists, who can refuse to grow up Chiyou? Let’s give you the happiness of the cultivation department.

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