What is the CyberFusion series?

“Cyber” is the English of Cyberpunk in cyberpunk. In recent years, it is often used in various trendy and technologically sensitive products. “Fusion” is usually translated as “fusion” or “combination”, which means combining many different things into new things to achieve higher performance or greater value.

It is named after CyberFusion (CF series), which means that this series uses a variety of advanced technologies, such as 3D technology, special effect makeup, head body integration, etc., and the body also integrates the biological data of human cloning, greatly improving the simulation degree.

  • “Hualin” is the eighth installment of the CyberFusion series, and also the first disarticulated sex doll in the collection.
  • Combining the aesthetic of the Utopia and Ukiyo-e series with the biological data from Clonesome, this product achieves both beauty and realism.
  • Different from the hyper-realistic Clonesome series, the CyberFusion series features delicate makeup, prominent details, and a soft touch.
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Cyber Fusion - Hualin
Cyber Fusion - Hualin
Cyber Fusion - Hualin

167SEVO Body – Inheritance and Upgrade of the EVO Series Body

Several years ago, we launched the EVO body, which was the first brand in the industry to use 3D technology to turn human data into a product, upgrading the simulation of key parts such as hands, feet, knees, clavicles, and other body parts.

The success of the EVO body made us realize that the depiction of sex doll bodies could be even more realistic. (Note: Even today, the details of most manufacturer’s bodies have not reached the level of simulation of the EVO body.)

Today, with the continuous development of 3D technology and our commitment to simulation technology, we have introduced the 167SEVO body!

According to the data, the 167SEVO body contains over 80% of the biological data of the clone, and we have combined the latest industrial-grade 3D technology in our development process. From ultra-precision 3D scanning to data processing, and finally to replicating biological details into the sex doll production molds, after several months of meticulous work, we have created this voluptuous and lifelike body.

Cyber Fusion - Hualin
Cyber Fusion - Hualin

Realistic Body Coating

In terms of body painting, unlike traditional silicone spraying techniques, the 167SEVO comes with hand-painted, lifelike makeup that is done by experienced professional makeup artists. The body details, veins, pores, etc., are all hand-painted, which takes more time but also produces a more realistic and delicate finish.

When it comes to body makeup, the challenge lies in painting the finer details.

Most silicone sex dolls on the market use spray painting techniques for their makeup, and while they do have veins painted on, the limitations of the technique can make them appear exaggerated and somewhat rough. The larger veins tend to look better in photos, but in reality, they may not look as realistic compared to an actual human.

EXDOLL’s “Realistic body coating” is all hand-painted by experienced makeup artists, despite being time-consuming and labor-intensive. The fine lines and details are more in line with the structure of the human body. The proprietary materials used for the painting are more durable, with multiple layers of fixing to ensure long-lasting makeup.

Alluring and Lifelike

The Largest Bust in EXDOLL’s History

Based on real biological data, Hualin’s twin peaks appear both sexy and natural, hanging down naturally when undressed and standing tall when dressed. Big! More! Soft! From head to toe, it satisfies all your fantasies of a voluptuous body with perfectly curved and translucent lines, a full upper body without losing the wind, and a round and plump lower body. It achieves a subtle balance between fantasy and reality, creating the seductive charm of the 167SEVO.

Compared to our previous products, we have placed greater emphasis on the overall depiction of “form” and “meaning” this time. From the eyes to the charm, from the movement to the posture, every subtle feeling has been carefully considered to create the character “Hualin”. We live in an era of technological explosion, an extremely fortunate era, where countless beautiful and unparalleled fantasies are being realized one after another. When the memories of our youth collide with the CyberFusion series, it ignites a spark of passion, and the characters in our minds become clear and vivid, leaping to life between our fingertips.

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Additional note, an important detail for all buyers:

With the continuous upgrading of silicone application technology, the flexibility of the skin texture of EXDOLL silicone sex dolls has been greatly improved compared to products from several years ago. This is reflected in the elasticity and color of the skin texture.

Taking into consideration the user’s real experience, the skin elasticity and touch of the jelly-like channel of the sex doll are more comfortable and the sensation is comparable to some famous adult toys. Moreover, the wrapping feeling is stronger, enhancing the overall experience.

The edges are very subtle and may not be visible without careful observation. It does not have the obvious connection points commonly seen in other products on the market.

If you give her a bath or shower, then I didn’t say anything.

The default EXDOLL sex doll does not come with a soft buttocks setting. You can contact customer service to purchase it separately. For a sex doll with soft buttocks, please hang or stand it upright. If it is subjected to too much force while sitting or lying down, the buttocks can easily deform, so please choose carefully.

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