Since 2009

We have been on a mission to give silicone sex dolls a greater purpose.

We want to encourage people to focus on attaining a great life experience.

Here is Our Story

It all started with a passionate idea

In 2009, our company was just an idea. We had a passion for making a difference in the industry, and we knew we could do it with the right team and the right technology. We started small, but we quickly gained traction and became the leading company in the industry.

We identified a need in the market

We took a look at the current landscape and identified a gap – a need for a better product that would help our customers and the industry overall.

We poured our passion and resources into making this solution a reality. We worked tirelessly, and we took risks. We pushed the boundaries and drove innovation.

We are passionate about delivering top-notch products and services with our silicone sex dolls. It fosters connections and builds a community.

3D Printing

Moving forward with technology

From high-precision 3D scanning to data processing, to engraving biological details into dolls’ moulds and other intricate operations. Focusing on the pursuit of a better life, creating value for society and moving towards a brighter future together, we are dedicated to continuously innovate with industry-leading solutions.

Biological Data Collection

We took a risk and it paid off

Making a difference in an industry and becoming the top company was no small feat. We could have taken the easy road and chosen just to maintain the status quo. But we wanted to make a lasting impact and change the industry for the better.

That’s why we were willing to take a risk and invest our resources into creating a new solution that would meet the needs of our customers and the industry.