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Accurately capturing data with a 3D scanning sysytem

Precisly replicate the beatiful physique of a real person

Mature, Sexy, Wind like Charm

EXDOLL is dedicated to preserving the beauty of human body. to accomplish this, we record body data from real people and use it to crerate lilfelike dolls. Our commitment to accuracy ensures the creation of truly exceptional products.


Evelyn is a realistic doll created by EXDOLL. This higly detailed figure accurately replicates the texture, proportion and features of the human body. Each feature ahs been painstaingly crafted in order to provide a vivid and lifelike representation of the human form.

Be sure to take a look at all the intricacies Evelyn offers!

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Evelyn’s Body Data

Actual measurement data

Height 172cm Bust 89cm
Upper Body 66cm Waist 62cm
Lower Chest 76cm Upper Arm 26cm
Shoulder 41cm Palm Length 18.5cm
Arm Length 59cm Thigh 51.5cm
Wrist 15cm Calf 35cm
Thigh Length 43cm Hipline 91cm
Calf Length 41cm Foot 24.5cm
Ankle 23cm Weight 42kg

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these products, please note that individual variation may be present. We apologize in advance for any inconsistencies which may arise.

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RealClone - Evelyn

Evelyn possesses a noble and elegant image of a mature woman, exuding an indescribable charm, a work of art made entirely of silicone.

RealClone - Violetta hand and foot details

Aticulated finger digits, fexilble toe digits, more refined skin texture, enhanced durability and resilience, and an extende life span when properly maintained.

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